Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy

To reach the maximum professional service, the HMCC has signed a partnership with The International Forum For Maritime Transport IFMT, organized by the Arab Academy For Science And Technology And Maritime Transport (AASTMT) and the Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy (HAMA) in Athens, Greece. Benefiting from its partnership with IFMT, the HMCC has been proven as the exclusive Blue Career Center in Greece and Egypt.

In this regard, HMCC has deservedly earned an international accreditation and recognition from the first and only approved maritime institute in Africa and the Middle East and its first Branch in Europe as well (the Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy HAMA), which has guaranteed continuous supply of nominated, certified well selected seafarers.

Also full use of the AASTMT and HAMA facilities is granted to the HMCC on education and training service of every potential caliber and assurance for every enterprise.