HMCC Vision

The Hellenic Maritime Career Center (HMCC) aims to provide prospects for young jobseekers in all Blue sectors and to support businesses in finding the right staff with proper qualifications. Partners from Greece, Cyprus and Egypt along with Observers from Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, will join forces to:

  • Attract higher education graduates or persons with a vocational/technical qualification to maritime professions through targeted and innovative education and/or training initiatives (including career guidance);
  • Retrain and up-skill workers employed in other sectors and/or people currently unemployed for a job in the Blue economy;
  • Develop ‘Blue professionals’ re-training schemes for experienced workers in the maritime sector, cruise tourism, fishing sector and offshore oil and gas.

  • Re-train Blue professionals in the maritime sector (cruise tourism, fishing tourism and fish science tourism and offshore oil and gas sectors).
  • Establish e-learning courses for maritime sector (cruise tourism, for offshore oil and gas sector, marine culture sector and for fishing tourism)
  • Share and pool resources, such as maritime simulators and a training vessel from the East Med area.
  • Establish a matching database for maritime professionals in the region, to balance the demand and supply of maritime, aquaculture and offshore oil and gas professionals in the region.